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Fences: chain link

Chain link fence is economical, strong, durable and relatively unobtrusive. In most cases, we use aluminum coated wire and galvanized framework, following ASTM specifications.

Vinyl-coated chainlink looks more elegant than the traditional silver color. We stock brown and black as our standards. Green vinyl coating varies in hue and generally does not match the greens found in nature; but we can get it for you if that's your preference.


Black vinyl-coated chainlink
Black vinyl-coated chainlink
No toprail chainlink
Topless chainlink
Aluminized chainlink
Aluminized chainlink

When choosing a chain link fence, consider these factors:

  • Gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire, and the stronger the fence.
  • Coatings. Aluminum-coated wire is the best, in our opinion, because it is smooth and resists rust. Galvanized wire is often specified for commercial fences and is quite serviceable.
  • Mesh Size. Refers to the size of the "diamond" opening. Residential chain link usually has a 2-1/4" mesh size. Commercial mesh standard is 2".
  • Tensile strength. This term refers to the ability of the wire to resist breaking.
  • Strength. A 10-gauge hi-tensile wire makes a stronger fence than a 9-gauge chain-link woven with a lower tensile wire.

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