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Fences: cat fence

Ray Statz, owner of Qual Line Fence Corporation, once said that you could never fence a cat. Now, 40 years later, he has proven himself wrong.

Qual Line's unique Cat Fence is attractive, sturdy, easy to install…and best of all, it works! The fence material is heavy 3/16" (6 gauge) welded steel wire with 2" x 4" spacing. The panels are stiffened by the innovative horizontal ridges that run their length as well as by the safe and attractive rolled top edge.

The angled valance along the top deters most cats. If you have a Supercat, an optional vinyl curtain can be attached.

Our Cat Fence is available in a galvanized silver or powder-coated black, and can be installed as a stand-alone fence or attached to an existing fence.

Roll Top cat fence with netting for extra protection. Cats can't climb it!

Galvanized steel cat fence

Advantages of our Cat Fence include:

  • diagramAll-weather durability - stands up to snow and ice
  • Strength and longevity - heavy construction and design stiffness contribute to long-term structural soundness
  • Good security - 2" x 4" openings are too small for intruders to get a toe-hold. And the 3/16" heavy wire is difficult to cut
  • Lasting good looks - won't sag or buckle over time. If hit by a car or mower, it won't bulge like chain link fence
  • Unobtrusive - almost transparent when seen straight on, it provides minimal disruption to the existing view and landscape features

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